Parma Arena Groomer®
As a horse owner, you know what a big investment it is to not only have a horse, but also a properly maintained horse property. Keeping level footing in your arena to protect your horse from ruts, holes, clods etc, is vital to the protection and performance of both horse and rider. Parma Company has a full understanding of what it takes to keep your arena in top condition and has the only registered “Arena Groomer” in America! The Parma Arena Groomer, which is designed to ensure proper and safe footing in your arena. Its ability to prepare your base as well as the top surface in one pass can improve the performance of your horse and save stress on his legs at the same time. Unlike other arena groomers, The Parma Arena Groomer utilizes the balance of three functions placed in one unit to create a complete ground preparation in one pass. It loosens compacted soil, prepares the base and fills in holes while smoothing humps

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