Electrobraid Equine Fencing from The Healing Barn

ElectroBraid™ is is an easily installed, permanent electric fencing system designed to provide a safe and secure livestock fence. It is strong and durable and a fraction of the cost of other electric fencing systems.
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This safe electric farm fencing can stand alone as a permanent perimeter fence, or moved around for rotational grazing, and can be used as a portable or temporary fence for horses, sheep, cattle and other livestock. It is also a very cost-effective fence to exclude deer, moose, elk, caribou, bear, coyote and other animals from crops, airfields and highways. ElectroBraid™ rope is made from high quality braided polyester fibers that won’t unravel or break. The high strength braid protects the copper wire conductors that are formed in helical coils like springs to allow for bend and stretch.

The copper wires won’t break up to 1,000 pounds tension. ElectroBraid™ combines resilience with barrier strength. It is offered in 3 attractive patterns/colors.



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