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Super Scooper Add for Hobby FarmHere’s a better way to “Scoop the Poop”

Nancy Harm, owner of Harmony Acres Arabian Parade Horses, tells us why she “loves Super Scooper USA”!

When I first saw the Super Scooper USA, it appealed to me right away as for the last five years we’d been removing manure from our paddocks and pastures due to an equine Equine Worm Testing Program. Supper Scooper most certainly makes the job so much faster and easier!

I love the Super Scooper because it is light weight and easy enough to be used by me to hitch up for collecting the manure and later to convert the wheels for dumping. The five easy steps for use are: attach, scoop, convert to trailer, transport, and dump.  It can be pulled by our tractor which has cruise control for our larger pastures, our Gaitor for the smaller paddocks, and even our golf cart which runs slower but is easier to turn around in our smallest areas. The Super Scooper does an excellent job of picking up manure to make a cleaner, healthier environment for our horses. Less manure results in less flies too.

Stable Ad 2 (800)(1)The Super Scooper can hold about two wheelbarrows or 130 pounds of manure. The dimensions are 42 inches wide, 49 inches long, and 12 inches deep. I generally empty when it is about ½ full for ease of me handling it, as I am a small woman senior citizen age 70 that weighs only 125 pounds. When using the Gaitor, I leave the tailgate down to monitor how full it is getting. I do not need to do so with the tractor or golf cart as the view is not restricted.

I am pleased to announce that our equine worming tests that just came back last week were negative for seven of our eight horses indicating no worming is necessary and positive for Strongyles in one rescue adopted mare who was promptly wormed and will be tested again.

Research suggests that not all horses require routine worming and often only a few horses in a herd will test positive and require worming. In the Worm Testing Program, rather than rotate chemicals in a hap hazard quarterly administration program, we collect manure samples which have been tested by equine veterinarians.

I feel that this testing program is important due to the fact that horses and other animals are becoming resistant to the worming products currently on the market and there are no new chemical classes in research to replace them. I know that removing manure with the Super Scooper eliminates the potential of worm contamination from positive horses and helps keep our horses more worm free. Super Scooper is the new piece of equipment on the market that is an invaluable tool for fly and equine worm control and whose time has come.


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More information about Super Scooper US can be found at their website: and Facebook: Super Scooper US by Big Red Barn Products.







Protect you, your tack and your horses!

Safety and security are key words in today’s society. With the horseman, those words have twice the meaning when it comes to protecting not only family and property, but equine companions, as well.

Pro View Equine Surveillance, a division of Pro View Global Digital Surveillance, was designed by horsemen with horsemen in mind. Drawing upon the careers and backgrounds of individuals engaged in horse racing, rodeo and horse show activities, Pro View Equine Surveillance brings the perfect solution for security and surveillance for anyone from hobbyists to professionals.

Pro View Equine Surveillance is here to help you protect both you and your horses while you get on with enjoying the activity that has become your passion.Fallon 14

Theft is a reality and Pro View Global Digital Surveillance services sites across the nation and has developed a valuable network of surveillance experts to address the needs of security in a number of platforms. With that in mind, Pro View Equine Surveillance is expanding to provide surveillance applications for virtually any type of horse trailer, from stock to elaborate living quarters, to providing smaller systems for stalls at horse shows, as well as complete surveillance for the farm and ranch.   Pro View Equine Surveillance provides a one-year warranty with all of its installations, including technical support, to ensure you can hit the road

“Protect Your Passion” visit today!

Got tired fingers from trying to get your horses’ mane braid just right?  Well, Braideez tm has come up with an innovative new braiding wire that will not only make it easier, but even fun to put those braids in right!
• Easy to put in and stays in
• Shape braids by hand – no sewing
• Change styles instantly
• Easy, fast to remove from braids
• Will not damage mane or tail
• Reusable
• Cuts easily
• Black, brown, or white, or bright color
• NON TOXIC – CPSA Certified cpsa seal
• Flexible plastic coated copper wire
• Instructions Included – Free downloads!



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