Innovative Horseshoe from Goldenwings offer support and protection

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    The new Goldenwings Horseshoe is without doubt, the most revolutionary development in horseshoes in 2000 years and are based upon the latest available materials technology and scientific knowledge of the structure of the hoof and the horse.


    This newly designed Goldenwings horseshoe is fitted from the heel buttress forward covering the entire surface upon which the foot lands upon the terrain for both support and protection.


    Can you run faster or jump higher in boots or cross-trainers? Imagine the impact of a lighter, safer, better fitted shoe on your horse. We’ll have the testimonials from the professionals doing our testing that will prove the point.

    Goldenwings Horse ShoesWe have all heard the old saying about a horse’s hoof:  “no hoof, no horse”

    This underlines how much the health and the strength of the hoof is critical to the horse’s overall soundness.  Isn’t it time to bring horseshoes up to modern day standards using up-to date science and modern technology to improve the health and soundness of today’s performance horse?

    From ancient times to the present, man developed many methods to try and protect the hoof of the horse as mankind used the horse for his own needs and pleasure, but most of the methods used may have crippled more horses than they helped.

    “We don’t know what we don’t know. Truth is found when we have the courage to question what we have been taught.”      

    The Mission of Goldenwings Horseshoes – Integrity:
    Goldenwings Horseshoes are designed to accommodate the uses that mankind imposes on the horse using state of the art materials and using the Principles of Nature, Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio, and Leonardo Di Vinci’s Canon of Proportions.  With these principles in mind, our mission is to help every horse remain sound, from hoof to the spine.  We want horses to be happy and preforming at their best.  If your horse could talk, your horse would say:  “Thank you for caring enough about me to use Goldenwings Horseshoes, I feel like a whole new horse”

    What is the Golden Ratio?

    Known as the Golden Ratio, the Golden Section, or Divine Proportion in nature as the basis for the individual growth of each part. The Fibonacci numbers are applicable to the growth of every living thing, Fibonacci numbers are Nature’s numbering system.  For example:  the horse’s hoof is a part of the entire structure of the horse.  This theory, when combined with the Leonardo Di Vinci’s Canon of Proportions and our own experience with the shoeing of many different types of performance horses. Thus, the study of Di Vinci, Fibonacci and the medieval horseshoes designs have led us on our journey to the development of Goldenwings Horseshoes.

    What is Leonardo Di Vinci’s Canon of Proportions?

    Leonardo Di Vinci is said to have believed ideal proportions are governed by harmonious proportions, that exist throughout and govern the Universe. Di Vinci’s Canon of Proportions, and the Vitruvian Man; Leonardo believed that body proportions can often be used to relate two or more body parts to each other, and to the whole. Thus the Leonardo Di Vinci studies tie in very nicely with Fibonacci and his study on growth and proportions. The understanding of propositions allowed the creation of the statue of David from a block of granite.



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