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  • Mustang Alley Horse Rescue, Inc

    Mustang Alley Horse Rescue, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit horse rescue, dedicated to the horses of Northeast Tennessee and the surrounding areas, to provide a safe and secure home for unwanted, abused, abandoned or neglected horses, mules, donkeys and ponies. We rehabilitate them and place them in qualified homes that have been screened and inspected. Read more [...]

  • L.E.A.R.N. Horse Rescue

    L.E.A.R.N. is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff positions. Our efforts are funded solely through donations. We are dedicated to the education of future and current horse owners through events such as our low cost gelding/vaccination clinics, seminars, and programs within our school systems. We will be starting Read more [...]

  • Wildhorse Ranch Rescue

    Wildhorse Ranch Rescue was started in 1995 by Kim Meagher (pronounced Ma-her), an employee of Intel Corporation. She and her two young children, Nick and McKay, accidentally found out about the plight of homeless horses in the United States. Once they knew that over 60,000 horses in this country are sent to horrible deaths each Read more [...]

  • The Golden Carrot

    Some of the horses here at The Golden Carrot were badly neglected and deemed unworthy of their owner’s love, attention and even the most basic care before they were rescued. Some were sent to slaughter via auction. Some have been retired here by people whose life situation changed so dramatically, they could no longer help Read more [...]

  • American Standardbred Adoption Program

    The American Standardbred Adoption Program (ASAP) isa non-profit organization serving Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Michigan as well as other states. If you love horses, please consider adopting, rescuing or sponsoring a horse today. If you are unable to provide a home for a horse at this time, you can show your love with a Read more [...]

  • Western Montana Equine Rescue

    Western Montana Equine Rescue’s mission is to help neglected and/or abused equines and their human caregivers, by assisting in the provisions of whatever care is deemed necessary, with compassion, education and ultimately, a solution. Our Goal is to continue in the rehabilitation of neglected or abused horses/mules/donkeys, whether voluntarily surrendered or confiscated by law enforcement Read more [...]

  • Canter helping ex race horses

    CANTER stands for The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses. CANTER started as a solution to help racehorses find new careers by connecting buyers and sellers through posting racehorses for sale on the Internet. The program quickly became a national web-based phenomenon. Since the first CANTER Michigan program started in 1997, it and has grown Read more [...]

  • Arabian Rescue

    Here, at the Arabian Rescue our mission is twofold: To rescue, rehabilitate and place horses,specifically Arabians, who have been neglected, abused or are unwanted, or where life situations change drastically, in permanent, loving, responsible forever homes. To educate people in the care, nutrition and responsibility of horse ownership and the commitiment that relationship requires. We Read more [...]

  • Carolina Equine Rescue & Assistance

    Cera’s primary goal is the caring for abused, neglected, and/or abandoned equines. CERA will also take in equines that are unwanted or whose current owners are unable to care for them before they reach an emaciated condition. These situations must fall within the CERA guidelines. We will also assist in natural disasters, such as weather Read more [...]

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