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  • Stride Free Equine Supplements

    Stride Free is a complete line of equine supplements for all types of horses, developed, manufactured and sold by Green Mountain Nutritional Services.  Whether you have a western pleasure, roping, endurance, draft horse, or English horse you will find the type of supplements that you may need here. Green Mountain Nutritional  Services  is the manufacturer of read more

  • An Alternative to Injecting that WORKS!!

    Let me introduce you to the ONLY equine joint supplement clinically proven to DO IT ALL!! Have you tried other joint supplements, but you’re not sure if you’ve actually seen any results or the results you’ve noticed are minimal at best? What would you say if I told you there’s a feed-through joint supplement that read more

  • Renew Gold Equine Nutritional Supplement

    Renew Gold™: Experience the Next Generation in Nutrition Renew Gold™ advances the concept of concentrated nutritional support for your horses feeding program with the use of three sources of natural vegetable oils, a unique profile of high quality protein, and healthy digestible fiber. The combination of High Fat Stabilized Rice Bran, CoolStance® Coconut Meal and read more

  • Hawthorne Equine Products

    Award-winning Horse Care Products for Horses & Large Animals Hawthorne Products, Inc. manufactures and distribute quality horse care products.  Our products are designed for equine hoof care and equine leg care. We also provide our well known Ice-O-Poultice, Wind Aid, as well as essential commodities. At Hawthorne Products, our goal is to use every resource read more

  • Healthy Steps Equine Joint Eze

    Why should you use Healthy Steps Equine Joint Eze? No Loading dose Joint Eze contains (4) Glucosamines not (1) or (2) like all the other brands Joint Eze contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients assuring maximum absorption Joint Eze is manufactured in an FDA approved facility The quality and purity of the ingredients in Joint Eze are read more

  • Precision Joint Solution

    Precision Joint Solution Precision Joint Solution is an innovative supplement scientifically formulated to support and maintain the health of your equine’s joints and connective tissue. Through extensive research and studies we have developed the most synergistic and cutting-edge joint supplement out on the market today. Precision Joint Solution contains two, exclusive patent-pending ingredients-natural egg membrane read more

  • SOURCE ® Micronutrients for Horses

    SOURCE ® “Original” and Pelleted “Original” Micronutrients for Horses Is… NOT a Feed NOT a Protein Supplement NOT a Vitamin Supplement NOT a major Mineral Supplement Many thousands of horsemen have provided adequate levels of all of the above in a sound nutritional program, yet still been baffled by horses who express signs of subclinical read more

  • United Vet Equine

    United Vet Equine has been providing horse owners of all disciplines quality equine health and nutritional products since 1972.  42 YEARS! Quality products, competitive pricing and outstanding service cornerstone’s our goal for “100 % Customer Satisfaction!” We realize there are many fine companies to choose from for all your equine needs. The opportunity toearn and read more

  • Silver Lining Herbs Equine Supplements

    Herbs are the original go-to source for health and wellness for your dog and horse, going back thousands of years. Before land was divided by fencing, the soil was depleted, and horses were limited to homogenized patches of grass and bales of hay, horses took care of themselves by eating a wide variety of vegetation, read more

  • Doctors Foster and Smith Horse Health Products

    Centered in the heart of beautiful Northern Wisconsin, Drs. Foster and Smith is the largest direct-to-your-door pet supply source in America. Thanks to your continued support, we’re honored to have been providing quality at-home pet healthcare and everyday essentials at prices everyone can afford for over 30 years. What started out in 1983 as four read more

  • Platinum Performance Equine Supplements

    Support all aspects of your horse’s health, from healthy digestion to joints, skin & coat, hooves, and much more. Chosen by horse owners since 1996, our wellness formula delivers more than 10 supplements in every scoop. We offer a full line of supplements for horses with specific health concerns that need targeted support. Our support read more

  • Equi-Force Equine Products

    The Equi-Force™ Equine Product line is specifically formulated to help alleviate clinical symptoms associated with growth, metabolic, immune and exercise related disorders of performance horses. Formulated by equine nutritionist Dr. Amy M. Gill, Equi-Force™ products contain therapeutic levels of targeted nutrients. Many horse supplements on the market today are formulated with a “shotgun” approach, containing read more

  • Smooth Run Equine Inc. Equine Supplements

    Smooth Run Equine strives to provide outstanding equine health products utilizing years of scientific research by our gifted microbiologist. Our line of products for horses (and dogs) offer unique, high quality, exceptionally effective ingredients in formulas designed to support optimum health maintenance. Smooth Run Equine combines powerful ingredients for joint support, respiratory support, gastro support, read more

  • Lubrisyn Equine Supplements

    LubriSyn is the leading oral HA joint supplement on the market today, used in every discipline. Top trainers, riders and owners use LubriSyn, including Chris Cox, Todd Pletcher (winner of the 2010 Kentucky Derby), Steffen Peters, Mary Burger, and many more. See results in 7-14 days. Because joint health is not a one-shot deal!

  • Bio SI Jackpot II Equine Probiotic

    Bio SI Technology JACKPOT II Livestock Probiotics brings the natural beneficial soil borne microbes (bacteria) found in nature to your animals. These beneficial Microbes are found in the soil and are digested by animals when grazing. Grazing animals digestive systems are maintained by these bacteria. Livestock kept in contained areas cannot naturally maintain the proper read more

  • The Missing Link

    The Missing Link In nature, horses ran free, moving where they could find lush and varied feed. Even today, there are herds that roam the American West in just this way: wild, free and grazing a natural diet. Alas, our domestic equine friends dine all too frequently on a dry feed and grain diet – read more