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    Fly Guard Fly Control

    Fly Guard Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, installs, and provides service for insect fly control systems. We have the products and techniques that will provide the most effective and economical fly control solutions. Our licensed technicians will work with you to get a complete picture of your operation and make recommendations that best suit your needs. Read more [...]

  • Green Horse Organics

    Premium Organic equine product line for natural horse lovers. Fly spray to hoof oil, we have you covered from head to tail. Give your horse a Green barn paradise and feel the difference. Organic handcrafted equine creations for your best friend. Visit store at to shop and find out more about these amazing horse Read more [...]

  • Whup-A-Bug

    Whup-A-Bug Whup-A-Bug® is an all natural eco-friendly and botanicals-based insect repellent created and manufactured in America. Developed for people in Africa suffering with Malaria, Whup-A-Bug offers powerful, yet Deet and Pyrethrins FREE protection! What Is Whup-A-Bug® ? Whup-A-Bug® is an all natural eco-friendly and botanicals-based insect repellent created and manufactured in America. It is safe Read more [...]

  • Kunafin Fly Control Solutions

    How Serious Are Flies To Your Health & The Health of Your Horse? World health officials have often characterized the common housefly as the most dangerous insect on Earth! By breeding in the filth and refuse of animals and humans, the fly transmits many dangerous viruses and other disease causing bacteria. Many species bite humans Read more [...]

  • Pro-Tech Fly Control

    Pro-Tech Livestock Corp. Pro-Tech supplies fly and odor control products and systems developed with environmental concern and the newest technologies. Whether for equine, commercial or residential applications, we guarantee your satisfaction! With Pro-Tech you can count on: Quality Reliability Dependability Guarantee of Satisfaction

  • Dead Fly Zone

    Dead Fly Zone’s Auto Mist system has been a leading manufacturer of automatic insect misting systems since 1985. Our systems provide effective, automatic control of all insects. Livestock owners have benefited for nearly 30 years with the help of our systems. Not only are flies a nuisance to horses and cattle, they also carry diseases. Read more [...]

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