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Welcome to’s Horse Feed and Feed Store Directory.  Here you will find quality feed stores, equine feeds, hay growers and so much more.  List your Equine Feed company or Feed Store here – use the Add Listings Box in the sidebar to get started.

  • V & V Tack & Feed

    V&V tack and feed-AMMO-Pet store. Come get your Dog Food/Horse Feed from us!!! We buy dog food and horse feed in big quantities so we can pass our savings to you. We offer super competitive prices compared to other big box stores. Don’t be afraid to come check us out!!!

  • FodderTech

    Welcome to the future of farming! FodderTech hydroponic fodder system technology is the most advanced sprouting system on the market. Why choose FodderTech? FodderTech’s advanced hydroponic systems help you meet the rigorous demands of 21st century farming. Our systems are designed to help your operation to flourish in an increasingly challenging environment. Seed-to-Feed in 7 Read more [...]

  • AGCO Hay Company

    AGCO Hay Company relies on more than 25 years of contacts with growers to find the best quality hay available in California. Strong focus is placed on providing the best hay available while offering unmatched delivery services. We offer alfalfa, oat, wheat, barley, forage mix, timothy, rye, orchard blends, and wheat, barley, and rice straw.

  • Oasis Organics

    We are the exclusive source for chemical free organic alfalfa hay in the Imperial Valley. Organic alfalfa hay is important as feed for organic livestock. Our clean, soft, thin-stemmed, certified organic alfalfa hay is available in a variety of bale sizes and weights. You can purchase any quantity for pickup or have it delivered by Read more [...]

  • Big Sky Shavings, LLC

    Big Sky Shavings, LLC offers quality pine animal bedding. Treat your pets of all types and sizes to PREMIUM dust free pine bedding from Big Sky Shavings, LLC. Dust free: clean shavings won’t cause respiratory problems Pre-Screened and Splinter Free: uniform, pre-screened pine shavings Biodegradable: won’t pollute the environment Super Absorbant: also great for cleaning Read more [...]

  • Best Cob Horse Bedding

    Best Cob Horse Bedding, manufactured in Independence Iowa, has brought horse owners a revolutionary new horse bedding solution for the 21st century!Best Cob Horse Bedding is made from the lightweight, most absorbent parts of the cobs. They are compacted into pellets using ONLY steam and water as binding agents; NO potentially harmful additives or chemicals Read more [...]

  • LaBudde Premium Beet Pulp Horse Feed

    LaBudde Premium Shredded Beet Pulp is a beneficial horse feed that is put through an intensive screening process involving multiple screening checkpoints and magnetization stations that remove contaminants, large chunks, sticks, rocks and other foreign matter producing an easily digestible product. The cleanliness and consistency of LaBudde Premium Shredded Beet Pulp doesn’t just help your Read more [...]

  • American Wood Fibers

    Our America’s Choice brand is the preferred bedding for work, show, livestock and companion animals. Owners of all types know they can count on America’s Choice unbeatable wood shavings consistency, quality and value. America’s Choice offers a full line of high quality equine bedding products. With 10 locations across the U.S., there’s sure to be Read more [...]

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