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    Horse Drinker Bar~Bar~A Non-Electric Horse Waterer! Warmer in Winter and Cooler in Summer! Horses need several gallons of clean, fresh water every day to maintain optimum health and performance. But horses are sensitive creatures – if the water is too warm (perhaps a hot summer day) -they loose their interest and may not be drinking read more


    Portable Horse Corrals from Travel N Corrals

    AFFORDABLE PORTABLE CORRALS portable horse corrals that are Safe, Spacious & Easy to Assemble  Travel N Manufacture Warranty Travel N Corrals feature portable corrals and panels that are very lightweight and easy to assemble. We have taken great care and testing to insure the construction of the panels and the assembly mechanisms to interlock read more


    Footing Solutions USA Arena Footing

    Footing Solutions USA Footing Solutions USA has earned a national reputation as a specialist in building state-of-the-art Equestrian Arenas. Our innovative Arena Base System ensure 100% drainage year-around. The moisture is optimally regulated from below the riding surface, receiving consistent basic moisture. The result is a dependably even, water-conserving arena footing. Our commitment to read more


    Micro Rain Pasture and Arena Watering Systems

    ARENA WATERING SOLUTIONS — Micro Rain arena watering systems are the latest innovation in arena watering. Today’s horse owners know the importance of maintaining moisture content in their arena to insure proper footing and control dust to keep horse and rider healthy. Micro Rain systems provide the labor free solution to watering dusty arenas! read more


    Big Bale Buddy Horse Feeder

    SLOW BALE BUDDY SLOW FEEDER The Slow Bale Buddy is the safest, best quality small mesh hay feeder on the market today. The only one with a one year warranty, it is the perfect solution for feeding horses round and square bales of all sizes. Made of soft, strong knotless nylon netting with 1 1/2 inch openings, All read more


    Super Scooper Manure Removal

    Quick & Easy Clean up of Horse Manure – The Quickest Horse Manure Removal System Unbeatable on Price Adjustable Tow Hitch Easy to Maneuver Super light weight Doubles as a yard trailer Cleaning up horse manure becomes a breeze with the innovative and easy design of the Super Scooper. With the ability to change from read more


    Fly Guard Fly Control

    Fly Guard Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, installs, and provides service for insect fly control systems. We have the products and techniques that will provide the most effective and economical fly control solutions. Our licensed technicians will work with you to get a complete picture of your operation and make recommendations that best suit your needs. read more

  • Jacks Inc.

    Equine Products Products You Know & Trust With over 8,700 skus, Jacks has something for every breed of horse and for every discipline. From English to Western, and Standardbred to Thoroughbred, you will find what you need at Jacks. Jacks is proud to own the rights to the patented Ball SolutionTM Liniment and McTarnahans line read more

  • Safety Hitch

    “It is not how much you can tow, it is how much you can control and stop that is important!” ~ Bob Zagami Amazingly more effective braking and controllability. 5th wheel RV trailers • Gooseneck Horse Trailers • Flatbed Goosenecks Pull gooseneck trailers with your van, SUV, full size, short bed or lifted pickup. – read more

  • Shoo-Fly Insect Control Systems

    Shoo-Fly – No flies. No flying insects. No side effects. Shoo-Fly’s electric pump begins humming. Immediately a fine mist of water-based insecticides appears out of the nozzles located above. The light air currents slowly swirl the mist around and flies, mosquitoes, hornets, wasps and no-see-ums begin dropping out of the air, dead. After a minute read more

  • Horse Fence Direct

    Horse Fence Direct has taken pride in serving customers for over 15 years. We offer a large selection of the most popular horse fencing available on the market today. Our specialty is safer horse fencing. Our fencing products are designed for do-it-yourself projects. If you would like to discuss your fencing needs with an experienced read more

  • FodderTech

    Welcome to the future of farming! FodderTech hydroponic fodder system technology is the most advanced sprouting system on the market. Why choose FodderTech? FodderTech’s advanced hydroponic systems help you meet the rigorous demands of 21st century farming. Our systems are designed to help your operation to flourish in an increasingly challenging environment. Seed-to-Feed in 7 read more

  • Whup-A-Bug

    Whup-A-Bug Whup-A-Bug® is an all natural eco-friendly and botanicals-based insect repellent created and manufactured in America. Developed for people in Africa suffering with Malaria, Whup-A-Bug offers powerful, yet Deet and Pyrethrins FREE protection! What Is Whup-A-Bug® ? Whup-A-Bug® is an all natural eco-friendly and botanicals-based insect repellent created and manufactured in America. It is safe read more

  • Castlebrook Barns

    From its inception, Castlebrook Barns has been a symbol of excellence in the horse barn industry. At Castlebrook we understand that the safety and comfort of your horses is of the utmost importance. As leaders in the horse barn manufacturing industry, we utilize the highest quality material and the latest technology to create the best read more

  • Equi-Turf Equine Rubber Surfaces

    “Equi-Turf’s mission is to offer a seamless, permanent, non-porous rubber surface, that is superior, sanitizable, safe, and most importantly, affordable.” A “poured-in-place”, non-porous, permanent, rubber surface, custom-installed to your specific location and application providing a seamless surface. Comprised of a bottom layer, or cushion layer, this is a unique combination of pure rubber (recycled, industrial read more

  • Synbiont Agricultural Wash

    Synbiont Ag Wash by Synbiont Global Use Synbiont Ag Wash to clean your animals and areas prone to host pathogens, viruses, bacteria and fungus. About Synbiont Facilities The outbreak of a contagious disease can give a facility a bad name. It can take years of being ‘break out free’ for facilities to earn the trust read more

  • Kunafin Fly Control Solutions

    How Serious Are Flies To Your Health & The Health of Your Horse? World health officials have often characterized the common housefly as the most dangerous insect on Earth! By breeding in the filth and refuse of animals and humans, the fly transmits many dangerous viruses and other disease causing bacteria. Many species bite humans read more

  • Bobcat Utility Vehicles

    If you’re driven to do more in a day, Bobcat® Utility Vehicles deliver the muscle, traction and choices to take on a bigger variety of jobs. Bobcat Utility Vehic­le Models: Primed for Productivity With Bobcat® utility vehicles (UTVs) you can haul supplies, carry passengers, tow trailers, and even use attachments. Each model is ready for read more

  • ProView Equine

    With Pro Vision Equine Digital Surveillance, you can rest assured that your family, as well as valuable horses and equipment are being watched by you, and only you, when you want and how you want. No need to be tethered to a screen inside your truck or be unable to playback events that happened days read more

  • West Coast Footings

    West Coast Footings   Welcome to West Coast Footings, home to all your horse arena needs! Whether it is horse arena footing additives to enhance the existing or new footing, or grooming equipment to maintain your footing, or watering equipment… We have it ALL!   Since we started in 1994, we have seen different read more

  • iFeed Tech Automatic Horse Feeder

    iFEED FOR HORSES Revolutionize the way you feed your horse At iFEED we are passionate about our animals and we know there is a better way to take care of our pets and horses. Rather than forcing our horses to adapt to our feeding schedules, we should be feeding them based on the feeding schedules read more

  • Kraft Brothers Inc. – Horse Exercisers

    Here at Kraft Brothers Inc. we pride ourselves on providing the fine quality horse exercise equipment for almost two decades with more than one thousand customers in over thirty countries. We offer a wide variety of horse exercisers such as ground standing walkers, partially and completely covered horse walkers as well as OVAL or WATER read more

  • Freedom Horse Products – Horse Equipment

    We at Freedom Horse Products are proud to say that we have been a leader in the horse equipment industry for thirty-three years and we are still going strong. We manufacture and sell only top-of-the-line horse equipment for your top performance horses, hand made with the finest quality materials, all right here in the United read more

  • Perma Stall – Organic Stall Bedding

    Perma Stall – —today’’s fastest growing, most economical, and environmentally friendly stall bedding solutions provider. You can rest assured that with Perma Stall’’s unique, patented, rice hull bedding and complementary products, your horses and livestock will experience: A significantly reduced bacterial and allergen-promoting environment A comfort factor that can’’t be beat A nearly pest-free atmosphere read more

  • AGCO Hay Company

    AGCO Hay Company relies on more than 25 years of contacts with growers to find the best quality hay available in California. Strong focus is placed on providing the best hay available while offering unmatched delivery services. We offer alfalfa, oat, wheat, barley, forage mix, timothy, rye, orchard blends, and wheat, barley, and rice straw.

  • Rubber Flooring Solutions

    There are a lot of options these days for barn flooring, stall flooring and paddock flooring, and shopping around for the best product and the best value can be confusing. Innovative Equine Systems sells a superior line of safe, unique, natural and low-priced flooring for your barn, stalls and paddocks. We’re here to help you read more