Stall Bedding Innovation Brings Sweet Dreams for your Horses

A well rested horse is a happy horse but when stalled, that rest depends largely on the quality of the stall bedding they find themselves lying upon.   Of course, we all want our horses to lie down and rest comfortably and we don’t want them to be unnecessarily exposed to health risks.  These concerns prompted the good people at Perma Stall to create a softer, drier bedding based on rice hulls engineered to all but kill ammonia and waste odors.

Perma Stall

In fact, Perma Stall’s unique, patented, rice hull Bedding Products significantly reduce a bacterial and allergen-promoting environment and promote a nearly pest-free atmosphere when used in combination with the company’s with Perma Stall Wash

Why Rice Hulls?   Quite simply, they topped the list when compared with wood shavings, straw and pine pellets.  And even though rice hulls have been used for many years as a bedding solution for livestock, there were issues that needed to be addressed.   Perma Stall used the expertise of a biochemist, and came up with a natural and organic product with antimicrobial enzymes that was added to the rice hulls.  Treating the rice hulls this way created a soft bedding that absorbs and reduces odors without requiring huge amounts to be stripped from the stall.

With these treated rice hulls, urine odors were reduced creating a comfortable and inviting abode for your horse, affecting its health.   The soft bedding will entice your horse to lie down completely on its side for a deeper sleep experience that not only contributes to health mentally but also physically by preventing hock sores and bacterial and fungal infections.

Perma Stall

Hoof health will greatly improve and farriers will find a noticeable difference that will affect their level of maintenance and care.

With Perma Stall as your source for bedding and stall supplies, you will have more money in the bank and most important, happier healthier animals with more time to enjoy and love them.  Lower insurance, labor and veterinary costs and big savings physically, by a significantly decreased amount of muck, resulting in lighter wheelbarrow loads and reduced clean-up schedules.

Physiotherapists have reported that horses on Perma Stall Rice Hull Bedding require fewer adjustments than those on a more traditional or alternative bedding.

Perma Stall‘s unique, patented process promotes absorbency and reduces ammonia odors, dust, allergen, and fungal activity with its safe, organic properties – playing a major role in reducing your costs in several ways.  Unlike wood or other shavings, the hulls easily slip right through the rake and remain in the stall.  And, despite the vast availability of rice produce, this significant waste reduction in the haul-off pile can reduce a facility’s muck by 70 percent. That is a huge savings!   And, Perma Stall Rice Hulls are laboratory tested and proven to be noncombustible and non-smoldering, reducing the risk to your animals

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