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Horse for Sale Classified Ads

Welcome to Stable.com’s Horse for Sale Classified Ads!  We’ve got tons of horses for sale of all breeds and riding disciplines.  List your horse for sale for FREE!   Select “Members” in the top menu bar to get started.  Looking for a specific Breed or Location – click here to see ALL of our Horses for Sale.

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“Rope Burn”, a story of no riding gloves

“Rope Burn” by Kathy Rogers Where are those darn riding gloves I thought to myself,  rustling through the old, mousy tack room, overturning buckets and looking behind dusty, dirty shampoo bottles.   No gloves. Oh well, I’ve ponied many times without gloves. Why would this time be any different? As I tightened the western cinch on “Brian”, a gangly, over-sized “running quarter” I contemplated my maneuver through the gate and…

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