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    The Hoof Cinch for Laminitis and Founder Relief

    Hoof Cinch LLC has invented 3 innovative products for 3 debilitating hoof issues. 1. Hoof Cinch for Laminitis and Founder  2. The Lift for Navicular Syndrome   3.  And a Crack Repair Kit for Hoof Wall Cracks   Call us anytime. Customer service is always a top priority.  We will help you with your horse. 1-855-442-4624 Laminitis and founder are a great source of pain for the horse and his/her owner. The Read more [...]


    TackSaver helps you clean your horse riding tack

    TackSaver is used to help clean tack easier without messy sponges or rags that can usually end up falling on the barn floor, collecting dirt or sand. Key product features: Water resistant 3 Sizes Keeps hands clean Double sided no pill fleece Can be used with any leather cleaning product or wood polish May be used in conjunction with fly spray or sunscreen to protect horses delicate face and ears Machine Read more [...]


    Grooms Hand Thrush Solution

    Grooms Hand Thrush Solution Grooms Hand Thrush Solution is a aerosol thrush and white line disease solution for horses with a Patent Pending built in hoof pick.   Use Groom’s Hand on Thrush, White Line Disease , healing abscess wounds, quarter cracks and as a daily barrier against the harsh elements.


    Hoofjack – Save your back, get a Hoofjack Hoof Stand

    HOOFJACK® HOOF STAND –   Reduce strain to back and knees while picking out hooves. Supports the hoof during treatment and bandaging procedures. Apply polish standing up and dirt free using the straight post. Avoid stains on clothing from medications. Convenient magnet accessory for your hoof pick, bandage scissors, studs, wrenches, etc. Allows the horse to stand in an anatomically correct and comfortable position. A comfortable horse will be Read more [...]


    Innovative Horseshoe from Goldenwings offer support and protection

    The new Goldenwings Horseshoe is without doubt, the most revolutionary development in horseshoes in 2000 years and are based upon the latest available materials technology and scientific knowledge of the structure of the hoof and the horse. Protection This newly designed Goldenwings horseshoe is fitted from the heel buttress forward covering the entire surface upon which the foot lands upon the terrain for both support and protection. Performance! Can you run faster Read more [...]


    Braideez ™ mane braiding wires

    Braideez tm Braideez Horse mane and tail braiding wire package • Easy to put in -stays in • Shape braids by hand – no sewing • Change styles instantly • Easy, fast to remove from braids • Will not damage mane or tail • Reusable • Cuts easily • Black, brown, or white, or bright color • NON TOXIC – CPSA Certified cpsa seal • Flexible plastic coated copper wire Read more [...]

  • South Texas Tack Western Horse Tack

    At South Texas Tack you will find Western Tack, Saddles, Horse Health Products, Felt Hats, Spurs and Outerwear. Ranching to Retail South Texas Tack is not only a retail store, it’s a way of life. For over a century of ranching, working cattle, showing horses, and farming South Texas Tack has evolved. If South Texas Tack has experienced it, we do our best to offer it. Make the connection… South Texas Read more [...]

  • Jacks Inc. Horse Supply Online

    Jacks Inc. Horse Supply OnlineEquine Products Products You Know & Trust With over 8,700 skus, Jacks has something for every breed of horse and for every discipline. From English to Western, and Standardbred to Thoroughbred, you will find what you need at Jacks. Jacks is proud to own the rights to the patented Ball SolutionTM Liniment and McTarnahans line of products. We are also the exclusive USA distributor for Westfield Read more [...]

  • Green Horse Organics Product Line

    Green Horse Organics offers a premium Organic equine product line for natural horse lovers. Fly spray to hoof oil, we have you covered from head to tail. Give your horse a Green barn paradise and feel the difference. Organic handcrafted equine creations for your best friend. Visit store at to shop and find out more about these amazing horse products. Fly spray, muscle/joint liniments, healing salves, mane n tail Read more [...]

  • Horse Lovers Outlet – Trail Riding Supplies Horse Lovers Outlet is your one-stop online shop for all of your equine needs. We manufacture custom Beta BioThane® tack, with many colors and styles for you to choose from. The ever-popular Shear Comfort 100% Merino Wool Seat Savers are manufactured here as well. Horse Lovers Outlet carries all of the brands you know and trust like: Cashel, EasyBoots, EasyCare, Garmin, HiTie Trailer Tie Systems, Irideon, Kerrits, Montana Cincha, Read more [...]

  • Hawthorne Equine Products

    Award-winning Horse Health Care Products for Horses & Large Animals Hawthorne Products, Inc. manufactures and distribute quality horse health care products.  Our products are designed for equine hoof care and equine leg care. We also provide our well known Ice-O-Poultice, Wind Aid, as well as essential commodities. At Hawthorne Products, our goal is to use every resource available to maintain the optimum health of horses, and to help them live Read more [...]

  • SleekEZ Horse Grooming Tool So simple, so effective!  We are sure that you will be telling your friends about your SleekEZ.  Shed loose hair and dirt from the coat year round without irritating the horse.  We promise that you will be completely in love with this item come shedding season!  No honing the edges required, and the 10-inch length allows users to use two hands and quickly remove loose hair and dirt.  Just Read more [...]

  • NISIM Mane and Tail Shampoo with natural herbs

    NISIM Mane and Tail Shampoo with natural herbsNISIM Mane and Tail Shampoo The latest in hair care technology, a proprietary blend of natural herbs and essential amino acids, provide the basis for maximum length in minimum time. This shampoo is specially designed to allow your horses hair to grow as fast as possible. If you are looking for something to help your own hair grow longer faster Click Here Read more [...]

  • Valley Vet Supply Equine Veterinary Products

    Valley Vet Supply is the trademark name of our company, which was established in 1985. We are located in Marysville, Kansas. This is our only location and we have never maintained locations, branches or business affiliations in any other state. We have worked to make Valley Vet Supply a direct marketing company that you could trust. Not just for quality products, but for exceptional service and reasonable prices. Now we Read more [...]

  • The Winner’s Circle Horse Supply and Riding Tack

    The Winner’s Circle Horse Supply, LLC   The Winner’s Circle Horse Supply and Riding Tack has been providing high quality equestrian products since 1994. We manufacture the majority of our leather products, horse blankets, and other domestic equestrian items. The Winner’s Circle’s story actually begins in 1965 when Bryan Thomas helped start and form a company named Walking Horse Supply Company.  In 1970 he sold his share out to his Read more [...]

  • Action Rider Tack – riding gear for your horse riding needs

    Action Rider Tack – riding tack and gear for your horse riding needs Specializing in quality riding gear for all your riding needs. We carry the largest selection of treeless saddles, helping you be one with your horse! We understand horses, riders, and the challenges of choosing the right equipment for you and your horse. We strive to provide personalized, boutique style service and care for each rider who comes Read more [...]

  • English and Western Tack and Apparel English and Western Tack and Apparel Welcome to, the online version of the Winning Edge Saddlery. 123Tack strives to provide the best value in English riding and horse care equipment by providing its customers proven products with practical advice backed by years of experience caring for and competing with horses. is the one stop shop for all horse riding supplies, including a variety of riding breeches, riding Read more [...]

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