J Randol Training Stables in Redmond Oregon

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6 Reviews on “J Randol Training Stables in Redmond Oregon”

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Dont waste your time, Jillian Randol aka Maggie Mae is a Lying scamming thief. She doesn’t ride any of the horses she brings in for training she hires beginner riders wanting to learn how to train to ride the horses for her. Ultimately she has the highest return rate on sale horses, she lies about the horses just to get them sold. Just look up her names (Jillian Randol aka Maggie Mae) and training names tread softly horse training was her previous name she used for her training business before she changed it to J Randol training.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    J Randol Scamming Stables will gladly accept your money for her novice “assistants” to ride your horse. I’m unsure of how this qualifies her to be a “trainer”. She is notorious for selling horses with false information, stealing money from clients, riding lame horses, the list goes on and on…. Please for the love of god do not put your horses through her hell she calls a training stable.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Please do your research before doing business with this woman. She has done wrong by so many horses and humans. Your horse and your wallet are better off without her. She has a cult following of non horse people and amateur horse people who believe her big talk, but aren’t educated enough to see how crooked she is.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Jillian Randol or Maggie Mae as she calls herself to avoid process servers/police/animal control etc is not a trainer. She is a backyard horse flipper who lies about the horses she sells. She sells horses that are chronically lame, kissing spine, navicular, and with zero actual training. Do not sell to, buy from, consign your horse with or so any type of business with Jillian Randol/tread softly horse training/Maggie Mae. She does not love in Redmond (kicked off rented property due to constant drama). All of this is well documented. Jillian will block anyone commenting about a lameness issue or comments regarding Rooster – a horse she continues to ride with a severe leg injury that bleeds when she rides. Watch her video. It’s so traumatizing for actual horse lovers.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Horrible person – even worse trainer. Dangerous o purchase from. You will get nothing but lies. If you work for her you won’t get paid and she will work you to the bone riding horses that she knows shouldn’t be ridden or she is too afraid to ride animal control is currently watching her as she is riding a horse that she “saved” and promised an life of leisure. She lets it bleed profusely while an inexperienced man rides him down the road. No conscience of any kind and absolutely no training skills. Jillian does not live in Redmond as she was run out of town. More of her shady personality issues. Please do not do business with this person.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Had a transaction recently with her. She lied to me multiple times.Totally misrepresented the horse. Advertised it as a ‘granny safe kids horse’. The mare was food aggressive and anything but kid safe!! Don’t trust her word. Don’t even trust a signed contract with her. So many have learned the hard way. There are countless testimonies to her untrustworthiness. Do your research. Lots of info about her. One BAD horse-trader!

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