SleekEZ – the Best Horse Grooming Tool Ever!

Horse Grooming – No matter what time of year it is,  when you’ve got cats, dogs, horses, saddle pads – they all have one thing in common – HAIR!    So, when someone handed me a new grooming tool and then claimed to have the final solution to the shedding problem, I decided it was time to check it out.



At first, I found the new to be awkward, stiff, maybe even too big.  I was skeptical.  It did however, feel pretty good in my hand – solid, ergonomic, and yet so simple.  Would it really work?

I had also received the smaller version, and decided to give it a go on my cat (being readily available).  With the small size “SleekEZ” in hand, I contemplated my first move.   As I began to stroke “Cisco” with the blade, I quickly found the best angle and to my great surprise, I was soon smoothing and culling the stubborn and thick undercoat on my Norwegian Forest Cat.   Hair was coming out in volume!


So simple, so effective!  I could not believe it.   You can use it on your horses, your cows, your cats, dogs, anything that’s got too much hair.   How does it work?  Based on a patent-pending design, the SleekEZ handle is constructed of poplar wood  waterproofed with a “green” water-based lacquer.  The metal blade is unique and exclusive to SleekEZ.  You will not find the same blade available on the market.

Try it yourself!  SleekEZ – I’m  sure that you will be telling your friends all about it.  Shed loose hair and dirt from the coat year round without irritating your horse.  Believe me – you will be completely in love with this item come shedding season!

No honing the edges required, and the 10-inch length allows users to use two hands and quickly remove loose hair and dirt.  Just simply swipe the metal blade with a soft horse brush from your tack box to remove dirt build up, continue brushing and see that sleek pony appear!



And the SleekEZ works great on saddle pads too!




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