Super Scooper Horse Manure Management and Pickup

Horse Manure Management

Super Scooper is horse manure management that saves time and effort. Healthier horses and healthier pastures. Spend time riding not picking.  Super Scooper was invented in Australia and won a national inventors contest.  A great deal of engineering went into it’s design and construction.  Certain areas are heavily welded and reinforced.  The metal is galvanized and the entire unit is powder coated.  A fixed heavy milled metal blade runs

across the the front of hte unit lifting objects off of the ground.

The Super scooper was designed for the horse owner on 5-10 acres to help keep up with manure management.  It is now being used by larger operations to keep paddocks clean.  It is being used by dog breeders to clean up dog poop.  It is being used by Alpaca breeders to clean up manure.

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